Frankalmoigne is a publisher of books about geography, cartography, travel and dreams. Our title list is small and reflects our narrow focus.

Dream Encounters: A Memoir Based on One Woman's Dreams over a Period of 50 Years.

Here are the curated dreams of one woman who, over half a lifetime, captured their essence in story, feelings, and reflections. We see the dreams cataloged and organized like an art museum, where dedicated galleries explore the stages of life, from childhood challenges to preparations for death.

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The Japanese have a god for Everything. Japan has a uniquely religious way of life, a life filled with the blessings of the gods – not one omnipotent creator, protector, benefactor, exemplar, adjudicator. Some say this country has a god for everything, and after a while you begin to agree.

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Another New Year's Eve Freshet. New Year’s Eve was a somber night as the final hours of 2005 ticked away with a sense of stunned survivorship. Neighbors helped neighbors in distress, friends told their story, and public officials presided over a disrupted community unsure of what to do.

Local citizens – without electricity, and shut off from their normal transportation routes by numerous closed bridges – walked to the high-water edge to gawk.

Enhancing and Caring for the Laguna is a comprehensive vision for restoring and managing the Laguna de Santa Rosa watershed’s biology and hydrology, created as a collaborative effort of the Laguna’s many stakeholders. A two volume report, the plan reveals the Laguna watershed’s interconnected ecologies and sets specific recommendations for improvement of water quality, wildlife habitat, biodiversity and public recreation.

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